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Advanced Marathoning | Peter Pfitzinger & Scott Douglas

The cover of Advanced MarathoningTwo years ago I limped across the finish line of my first marathon. While I boast that I ran a sub-four hour marathon, I can’t boast by much. My time was 3:59:56. After a year off, I’ve decided to return to the scene of the crime and better my results. This is where Advanced Marathoning comes in.

Advanced Marathoning is a set of training plans for people who regularly run 50km, 88km, or 105km per week. (In case you’re curious, I’m in the first category!) These training plans are a third of the book. The rest is dedicated to no-nonsense sports science.

Every element of  training—nutrition, strength training, hydration, and even tapering—is discussed in detail. After finishing reading these chapters, the articles in my Runner’s World subscription read like a children’s book!

I don’t know how well I’ll run this fall, but I do know a lot more about training than my first time around.

—Pete Pfitzinger & Scott Douglas, Advanced Marathoning: Second Edition (Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2009, 2001).

Marathon | Hal Higdon

Higdon’s the man. He’s run 111 marathons, including seven in seven months to celebrate his seventieth birthday! In addition to this near superhuman record, he’s set up a online training program that’s helped thousands of others to run their own marathons. When Hal writes, you’re reading a running authority.

This book is as comprehensive a guide you could hope for. Everything from getting off the couch to what to do after you cross the finish line is covered in detail. Frequent inset boxes share information he’s gleaned over the years from his website.

The book was a little too long. He could have said what he did in 250 pages with some tighter editing. That said, his slow-going conversational style is part of the charm.

Having just finished my first half-marathon (1:37:37) and preparing for a full next fall, I was glued to every page. This Ultimate Training Guide is a motivational gem.

Born to Run | Christopher McDougall

“It simply makes you want to run.”

I bought this book because of that blurb from Outside Magazine on the inside of the cover.  They’re absolutely right. After all the chapters are read and all the information is digested, the desire to run sticks with you. McDougall has written some strong motivation here.

Born to Run is a collection of narratives thrown together into one perfectly balanced package. There’s the meta-narrative about the author who sought to discover why he couldn’t run very far without injury. This question led him to the reclusive Tarahumara tribe that live in the Copper Canyons of Mexico. Their running ability is legendary—what’s their secret?

From the Tarahumara, McDougall branches out into ultramarathon culture, introducing the reader to a diverse cast of hard-core distance runners. One of these runners is a devoted bare-foot enthusiast.

Compelling tangents such as Mexican drug-runners, the nefarious role of Nike in running injuries, and the human ability to run down wild game round out the package.

This book is equal parts travel, adventure, science, and sport. If you run or have ever thought about starting, enjoy this book!

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