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The cover of Osborne's Sticky TeamsLarry Osborne is a proven commodity. He has pastored all different sizes and styles of churches including North Coast Church in San Diego. If you’re going to read a book on leadership, you might as well read someone who has been through it all.

Sticky Teams is a highly practical easy-to-read book on developing the unity of your church’s leadership team. The chapters are written in such a casual conversational tone you feel like you’re in Osborne’s office—his mistakes and successes are in full view. The book is surprisingly comprehensive as well. Osborne begins by examining the elements of team unity and doesn’t stop until he gets to finances.

(Regarding finances, my philosophy of ministry is quite different from Osborne. Even so, his words made me question and think through why I do what I do.)

While Osborne has experience in all sizes of churches, this book is (naturally) skewed toward the larger church that has a bigger team to bring together. Leaders of any sized team, however, would do well to think through Osborne’s ministry life and learn.

—Larry Osborne, Sticky Teams (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2010).

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