Hannah’s Child | Stanley Hauerwas

The cover of Hauerwas's Hannah's ChildHauerwas is an unlikely theologian. Can you connect the dots between a potty-mouthed bricklayer from Texas who is completely unsure of whether or not he is a Christian to the esteemed professor of Christian Ethics from Notre Dame and Duke Universities? In Hannah’s Child, Stanely Hauerwas does just that.

This memoir contains everything that makes an interesting life and compelling story. On the one hand, you have his trademark blunt intelligence. On being notified that he was Time magazine’s “best theologian in America” in 2001, he replied, “”Best’ is not a theological category” (ix).

On the other hand, he shows us how his life and teaching (including his prolific written output) is punctuated with having to care for his son while living with his mentally ill wife.

If you’ve read Hauerwas’ books, you should read his memoir. It’s a blunt, funny, tragic, and hope-ful look at the personal life of one of the “best” theologians around.

—Stanley Hauerwas, Hannah’s Child: A Theologian’s Memoir (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2010).

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