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The cover of Boulton's Just a Minute MoreJust a Minute More is the third book in Boulton’s “Glimpses of our Great Canadian Heritage” series. (I have reviewed book one and book two earlier.) This final volume is the best of the trilogy.

The most significant difference between this book and the previous two are the length of her stories. Instead of three or four pages, the heroes and villains of this volume get six or seven. Perhaps this is because most of the famous characters in Canada’s history have already been written about. Whatever the reason, the extra pages made the people’s stories that much more compelling.

If you’re looking for a good series of bathroom-readers or a book to keep in your car for quick reading breaks, track these books down!

—Marsha Boulton, Just a Minute More: Glimpses of our Great Canadian Heritage (Toronto, ON: McArthur & Company, 1999).

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