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The cover of Boulton's Just Another MinuteJust Another Minute picks up right where Just a Minute left off. It’s the ultimate bathroom reader for Canadian history buffs. Like its predecessor, it’s filled with short 3 to 5 page essays loosely fitted into categories such as “Sports” and “Transportation and Communication”.

Since this is the second book in the Trilogy, many of the more famous Canadian icons have already been covered. Fortunately, the lesser-known characters have lives just as interesting as their more famous counterparts.

My one irritation with this book was the section entitled, “Herstory”. There are interesting stories of women as well as men in each of the five other categories. It seems somewhat pejorative to isolate these seven stories as “Herstory”. Perhaps this was the politically correct thing to do in 1997.

If you enjoyed Just a Minute, you’ll enjoy Just Another Minute.

—Marsha Boulton, Just Another Minute: More Glimpses of Our Great Canadian Heritage (Toronto, ON: Little, Brown and Company (Canada) Limited, 1997).

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