Who Is My Enemy? | Lee C. Camp

Prepare to have the typical Western Fundamentalist view of Islam overturned quicker than tables in a Temple. Instead of starting with our differences and figuring out precisely where our arguments lie, Camp attempts to understand Islam generously (what he calls “double vision”) while at the same time turning a critical eye towards Christendom.

The heart of this book concerns Islam, Christianity, and their understanding of war. Islam put rules in place for just war-making from the start. Christianity, on the other hand, was a pacifist movement for the first three centuries of her existence. However, once Christianity became the state religion, war-making became necessary. With no theological grounds for war-making (because Christ said things like, “do good to those who harm you”), Christians developed Just War Theory—a stringent set of rules to limit the reason for going to war. Those rules are almost always disregarded.

Here’s rub: in war-waging, Christians act more like Muslims than like Christ—even worse because we have no justification or limits.

This book will tear at your heart. Camp turns an honest eye to the darkest corners of Christianity—from the cannibalistic Crusades to the Puritan conquest of America’s Native people.

This is a prophetic book well worth thinking your way through.

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