Newsletter Review: The Weekly Calling

“How can I figure out God’s will for my life?” That is one of the most frequent questions people ask me as a pastor. I now have a new resource to help with that question: The Weekly Calling.

The Weekly Calling is an online newsletter published by The High Calling which in turn is published by Foundations for Laity Renewal. I read the newsletter from October 24, 2012 and scanned the website for this review.

Each weekly newsletter has a a quick audio snippet from the Foundation’s leader, Howard E. Butt, Jr, a brief interview-style video, and a number of articles from staff writers as well as blog-network affiliates. All content centres around how Christians find meaning in their work, whatever that work may be.

My first impression was Butt’s Southern accent. He sounds like your kind ol’ grandpa sitting down beside you to tell you a story. The story was interesting, but I had to wonder whether there would be much depth to the content that followed. I was pleasantly surprised.

The articles are not all alike—they are written in a variety of tones. Cindee Snider Re’s article, “Lending a Hand at Work,” was an intensely practical conversational piece. The message was clear, “Being helpful is more attitude than action.” On the other hand, the next article on Micromanaging read more like a piece that belonged in a book on business leadership.

All the content is brief and to the point which makes them very shareable. The High Calling has an active Facebook presence and uses Creative Commons licensing to encourage the sharing of their material. This should interest church leaders and even Bible School professors in pastoral theology classes.

The only problem I had with the newsletter was its lack of doctrinal background. With the sheer volume of online content available today, I use a basic statement of faith or a denominational background as a vetting tool. If this website is purely trans-denominational, I respect that—I just wish they would let the reader know ahead of time.

In the end, this is worth subscribing to if you want to explore how God works through your work.

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  1. dave mcgill November 13, 2012 at 7:19 am #

    thanks Steve,
    What a blessing to be allowed to see how god moves through our work. Just to catch a glimpse sometimes is so humbling.So often it appears to require little more than our faithfulness in our daily walk. I’ve been working almost 43 years and soon to retire. Still where I have seen him work the most is not through me but in me. And more and more I must try to allow Jesus to minister through me to my family.
    Just sharing with you my friend,

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