The Pastor | Eugene H. Peterson

In my personal hierarchy of “Most Important Books I’ve Ever Read”, two always rise to the top: Mere Christianity (C. S. Lewis), and A Celebration of Discipline (Richard Foster). Everything else suffers by comparison . . . until now. Meet the most important book I’ve read in over a decade: The Pastor.

Here’s why it ranks so highly:

  • Like Peterson, I’m a pastor—this book resonates with my own experiences.
  • Peterson bucks the trends of modern Christendom in favour of authentic biblical fidelity.
  • Peterson is painfully honest, describing both failures and successes.
  • Peterson describes how the various themes that form his major books developed.
  • Peterson spends time describing how he wrestled with what he was called to do.
  • In the end, there’s nothing better than hearing the wisdom of a seasoned pastor with an academic background.

You know, that list doesn’t seem so spectacular in retrospect. There’s something about this book that I can’t quite put my finger on yet. Sure, his writing is as poetic and lucid as ever—but there’s something extra.

All I can suggest is that you read it for yourself. If you’re a North American pastor, order it right away!

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