Outliers | Malcolm Gladwell

Some people see the world differently. Instead of accepting long-standing assumptions they challenge accepted knowledge. Instead of admitting coincidence, they search for patterns where none were expected. Malcolm Gladwell is one of these people, and Outliers is the fruit of his labour.

In Outliers, Gladwell looks for the true causes for success underlying Hollywood-style rags-to-riches stories. Here are some of the questions he tackles:

  • What roles do inherent genius and practice play in a success story?
  • Why are the majority of successful hockey players born in January and February?
  • Was Bill Gates’ wild success with Microsoft due to his brilliance, luck, or something else?

He even asks some questions that makes politically correct society squirm:

  • How did a disproportionate number of Jewish immigrant descendants become lawyers?
  • What role did Korean culture play in their (former) horrible airline safety record?
  • Why are people of Asian descent better at math?

If you want to look deeper at what makes a modern hero, this book is a fascinating and sometimes quirky guide.

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