After You Believe | N. T. Wright

Good things happen when you mash different subjects together (just search for “mashup” on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean). In Wright’s latest book for the public audience, he’s mashed up three topics:

  1. New Testament ethics
  2. Christian virtue
  3. Non-Christian ethics

Here’s the book in a nutshell: We are called to habitually practice the virtues of the Kingdom of God here in the present, so when difficult situations arise we will act according to our second nature (Christian habits) rather than our old nature. Wright develops this theme in quite a bit of detail.

My only criticism of the book is its length. While I love his 800 page works of theology, this could have been trimmed down for the popular audience.

Wright has an uncanny ability to pierce through the quagmire of mushy modern theology and deliver substance that will help the believer live life to the fullest. This is worthwhile reading for anyone who has ever wondered what to do after becoming a believer.

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