Cat on a Hot Tin Roof | Tennessee Williams

I know I’m supposed to adore this book. It’s one of America’s premiere plays. “Winner of the Pulitzer Prize” is proudly stamped on the cover. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem to resonate with me. Perhaps it’s because I’m a minister, and this is a story of horrible relationships that would take any pastoral counselor ages to sort out.

The dialogue is quick and brilliant—I’d love to see it performed live. Williams did a fantastic job of displaying broken relationships; he just forgot to provide any hope for his characters’ future. In both versions of the third act, the resolution can hardly be considered even a minor step forward between husband and wife.

If you’re the sort of person who draws hope from relationships that are more damaged than your own, this might interest you. If you’re looking for an example of the human condition—family dynamics gone awry—this is an excellent case-study. I suppose I was looking for something more.

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