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I’m no philosopher, but I love these “Introducing . . .” or “. . . for Beginners” books. They’re full of drawings that help you remember the key points of a person’s philosophy without needing a degree to get started.

Sarte, as most of you already know if you’re looking this up, was a French existentialist who protested the French occupation of Algeria and believed socialism was the answer to the oppression of the working class. He believed strongly in human freedom, but not in a positive way. Humans are free because they are always one step removed from experiences—they always have a choice in their response to circumstance. Sarte believed that humans always wish they could live the experiences directly, without being one step removed.

If there are any philosophers out there reading this, feel free to correct me. The preceding paragraph is merely my summary of a beginner’s book on a brilliant thinker. For those looking for an introduction to his life and works, this book will get you thinking.

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  1. Andrew Furlow October 25, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    Hi Stephen

    Very glad you like Introducing Sartre. You may be interested to hear that we at Icon are republishing that book in the series’ newish compact format in February next year. And you might be interested to see the books’ website and Facebook page if you haven’t already:

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