Evolving in Monkey Town | Rachel Held Evans

What happened to the millions of Holocaust victims immediately after their death? Did God consign them to eternal torture for not believing in his Son?

If that question doesn’t bother you, then don’t bother with this book. If you do wrestle with it, Evan’s memoir will remind you that you’re not the only person on this journey.

Evolving in Monkey Town is the story of Evan’s spiritual journey from a fundamentalist with all the correct answers to an honest believer. If you were raised in a fundamentalist setting, this book will resonate. Evans has a knack for describing the absurdities of fundamentalism with grace and plenty of humour.

I should warn you that this book will make you think through issues many of us prefer to leave buried, such as the fate of people who have never heard of Jesus. The challenge, however, is well worth accepting for any believer looking to grow up. Loving God with all our heart as well as our mind demands nothing less.

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