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C. S. Lewis’ writing prowess is legendary—especially in Christian circles. His economy of language and knack for choosing the perfect metaphor to make any point made him one of my favourite authors from a young age. Now, after having read most of Lewis’ works at least twice, I discovered this book of meditations.

The Soul of C. S. Lewis is a collection of 240 one page meditations on Lewis’ works. His popular books are all here, but so are some of his lesser known works and essays. Lewis’ style lends itself perfectly to this sort of treatment. You can choose a line from almost any page of his written output to reflect upon.

The book has three writers/editors on the front cover, and ten author biographies in the front of the book. While the overall quality of the meditations is high, the diversity of authors shows through at times. Some meditations reach to the depths of Christian experience while others seem to pick the low-hanging fruit. Some meditations are tersely constructed mini-essays, while others are two stream-of-consciousness paragraphs strung together.

This is a substantial devotional for any believer, but almost required reading for a C. S. Lewis fan.

Disclaimer: A review copy of this book was provided for free by Tyndale Publishing House.

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