Practice Resurrection | Eugene H. Peterson

Practice Resurrection is Peterson’s meditations on what the church is, according to Ephesians. As you would expect from him, the church is not some nebulous concept but a very practical household—among other metaphors.

If you’re stuck with the idea of church as a mere building, or something exclusive between you and Jesus, Peterson’s book will challenge you to think more biblically about Christ’s bride. Every page has quotable zingers that cut to the quick of North American spirituality. Even if you don’t agree, you’ll be challenged.

Practice Resurrection is the final volume in Peterson’s “conversations” series. He started the series strong with Christ Plays and Eat This Book. The Jesus Way was mediocre, and Tell it Slant was almost disappointing—I wondered if Peterson had wrote himself out of ideas. Thankfully, Practice Resurrection wraps up this series with both style and substance.

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