Ripped | Greg Kot

Ripped is 262 pages of the most compelling music-industry journalism I’ve ever read. I know that’s a big statement, but it’s true. I’ve read my fair share of Rolling Stone and other music ‘zines, and this outclasses them all. Here’s what I liked:

  1. Kot knows his music. He’s telling the meta-narrative of the music business, but he never hesitates to dive into an analysis of a main player’s album.
  2. Kot uses quotes well. When you finish a chapter on NIN, for instance, you really fell like you’ve heard from Reznor.
  3. Each chapter is a self-contained article, tied thematically to the overarching story. You could pick any chapter out of this book and enjoy it alone.
  4. Kot’s analysis of the music industry explains the Top 40-Style slop we’ve been bombarded with since the turn of the century.

If you’re interested in music, business, or both, you’ll enjoy this insightful book.

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