Beyond Opinion | Ravi Zacharias

Beyond Opinion is a collection of essays on defending the faith. While Ravi Zacharias only wrote 4 of the chapters (including the introduction and conclusion), almost every other author is a member of his ministry (RZIM).

The book is divided into two sections:

  1. Giving an Answer [traditional apologetics]
  2. Internalizing the Questions and Answers [how our lives can line up with our words]

The second half of the book is the most valuable. Jeyachandran’s meditations on the Trinity were especially thought-provoking. I found it interesting that the second half of the book is the part that lined up with the entire volume’s subtitle, “Living the Faith We Defend”.

The first half was a mixed bag. When the author respected the challenger (e.g. Alister McGrath on Atheism, or Jeyachandran on Eastern Religions), there was a lot of insight and apologetic information. On the other hand, when the author disdained the challenger (e.g. Amy Orr-Ewing on Postmodernism, or Sam Soloman on Islam), the tone was arrogant and off-putting.

This book is a hearty read. The 360 pages are packed with fine print. That said, if you’re a Believer interested in defending your faith by both your words and your lifestyle, this book is an excellent read.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free as a member of Thomas Nelson’s Booksneeze program.

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