Good News in Exile | Copenhaver, Robinson, & Willimon

This book is what happens when three pastors rethink their theology and praxis. With the help of Brueggemann, who provided a foreward and clearly inspired their reflections, Copenhaver, Robinson, and Willimon sketch out how the liberal church can be relevant in a world where liberal religion is no longer mainline.

After three quick biographic sketches, these authors dream how the more theologically liberal denominations can again be effective in the areas of scripture, preaching, sacrament, discipleship, mission, and conversion.

This was an interesting read for me, since I come from a theologically conservative background. Even so, I saw numerous similarities between the state of the liberal church they described, and the state of conservatives. The prefix, “post” has been worn out in the years since this work was published, but that’s what they’re looking for. What does post-liberal religion look like? How can it be meaningful in a world that’s moved on?

Good News in Exile is not about liberal pastors turning conservative: it’s about theologically honest pastors finding their way forward.

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