Pursued by God | Christopher Meehan

I’ve loved Calvin ever since I read his section on prayer in the Institutes. There are a lot of brilliant theologians scattered throughout history, but Calvin has a passion and piety that set him apart. That’s why I thoroughly enjoyed reading this brief sketch of his life.

While it’s clear that Meehan also loves Calvin, he didn’t shy away from flaws: his angry temperament and his participation in the trial and subsequent burning of Servetus. Calvin was a man of his time.

He was also a man who was instrumental in shifting people’s understanding of God and religion. (That might be the biggest understatement I’ve ever written!) Meehan demonstrates the providence of God in Calvin’s life, whether it was being kicked out of Geneva or selecting a wife to differentiate himself from the Roman Priests.

On a practical note, the writing is a little sparse. It often reads more like an encyclopedia entry than the narrative of a man’s life. I also thought the last chapter on Calvin’s lasting influence was a little piecemeal. That said, if you love Calvin and want a quick overview of his life then this book’s for you.

Thanks to Koop & Janny Mulder for this thoughtful Christmas gift.

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