The Final Empire | Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn: The Final Empire

After reading Sanderson’s treatment of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, I knew I had to read more. Fortunately, The Owl Pen (my local second hand bookstore in Bracebridge, Ontario) had a used paperback in stock.

The Final Empire (or: Mistborn) is a story with great mechanics that lacks a little polish. Sanderson invented a magic system that is believable and compelling. He cleverly foreshadows plot twists that will leave you with a sense of satisfaction when it all plays out.

Unfortunately, the characters are a little too stereotyped to be wholly believable. Also, some of the interplay between characters became ponderous. I found myself skimming some of the dialogue to get to the next bit of action. That said, the pace was great and the plot was interesting enough for me to pick up the following volumes of the trilogy.

It’s clear that Sanderson is honing his craft with these books. I expect him to be a major force in the epic fantasy genre.

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