The Lost World of Genesis One | John H. Walton

Controversy surrounds anyone who decides to talk about Genesis one. Young Earthers, Old Earth Creationists, Literary Readers and Gap Theorists form their identity by battling each other. Walton brings something completely new to the argument with compelling clarity. Here’s a brief summary:

We assume that when the Bible uses the verb “create” it means to create material. A closer look at the Hebrew usage of the term shows us that create is more functional than material. (E.g. We can speak of creating a business when nothing material has happened.) When scripture speaks of God creating in Genesis 1, he’s essentially giving function to the elements of the world—giving them purpose. This doesn’t deny ex nihilo—that doctrine just cannot be found in Genesis 1. On the seventh day, God takes up residence in his Temple (that is: cosmos). This functional reading of “to create” places Genesis firmly in the realm of other ancient cosmologies and allows us to read the text more faithfully. Once this view is explained, Walton goes on to challenge all the other creation views as inadequate.

This is a remarkable book that should be read by anyone interested in forming a biblical understanding of creation. Walton’s made a compelling case that must be answered by any other view of Genesis going forward.

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