Once an Arafat Man | Tass Saada with Dean Merrill

People can change—Saada is living proof. Once an Arafat Man is the story of how Tass Saada was transformed from a violent hate-filled PLO sniper to a humanitarian committed to the peaceful reconciliation of the Jewish and Palestinian people. This is a story about the life-altering power of God in action.

You might expect someone with such a sensational background to play up the details for a more sensational narrative. Fortunately, Saada resisted this temptation. He wrote about his forgiven past with humility and honesty.

The last two chapters shift focus from biography to a “Road Map to Reconciliation”. While I could point out a few minor theological quibbles, I was overwhelmingly impressed with his perspective. He eschewed political master-plans to focus on the heart. In the end, land is of secondary importance:

To his Jewish audiences: “A soul is worth more than land. To bring a single Palestinian soul to Jesus is more important than hanging onto acerage.”

To his Arab audiences: “So far, most Jews are not finding their true Messiah. For us to bring them in that direction is worth far more in God’s eyes than proving our point abou the land.”

We can all benefit from that insight.

Disclaimer: A review copy of this book was provided for free by Tyndale Publishing House.

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