Chuck Klosterman IV | Chuck Klosterman

Klosterman’s the type of guy you feel smart-yet-slightly-cool for reading. He observes the world through a unique lens which is evident whether he’s interviewing a Steve Nash or discussing the ethics of chasing after women in committed relationships.

This book largely a collection of previously published articles about pop-culture icons. It’s more than mere anthology, though—Klosterman wrote introductions and footnotes to the articles that are often as illuminating as the article itself. As if this wasn’t enough, he ended this volume with a short quasi-autobiographical novella to round out the collection. Oddly enough, it all seems to flow together.

His perspective can grow wearisome, but (like Douglas Coupland) after placing the book down for a brief sabbatical you’ll find yourself craving more.

Klosterman’s a commentator on the human condition. A condition he perceives more accurately than most.

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