The Gospel According to Lost | Chris Seay

The Gospel according to lost is what happens when a pastor enjoys a television series.

This book is not a book of theories and speculation about Lost. (With one season to go, that would be a foolish endeavour!) It’s a reflection on the religious and philosophical themes that permeate the award winning television show. Seay (with a few exceptions) has written a chapter on each of the main characters, reflecting on what they bring to questions of faith.

As a pastor, I often found myself making the same connections that Seay did:

  • Eko with his bible-stick of scripture
  • Locke with his insistence on faith
  • Shephard’s stubborn anti-supernatural stance
  • Sawyer’s bad-boy-seeking-redemption story
  • The list goes on . . .

On the negative side, Seay often took the easy road when reflecting on the characters—there are a lot of deeper connections that could have been plumbed. Also, the structure of the book was quite scattered. There was no unifying arc to the book as a whole. Maybe a second edition released following the final season could clear things up!

If you love the show Lost, and are curious to see how a believer puts the pieces together, give this book a try.

Disclaimer: I received this book as a member of Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger program.

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