The Jesus Creed | Scot McKnight

This book is the answer to a question: What would the Christian life look like if everyone loved God with their entire being, and loved their neighbours also? The answer is attractive. In The Jesus Creed, McKnight paints a picture of the sort of kingdom-charged life we all can live.

The structure works quite well: there are 30 short meditations that challenge you to examine your life in light of the creed Jesus and his followers lived by. If you’re looking for some devotional reading, this will offer a solid month of character formation. McKnight includes many anecdotes and illustrations that enliven the points he’s making.

I only had one problem with this book: it felt a little scattered at times. All 30 chapters were good, and the points were important—I just didn’t always see how the chapters fit together with each other.

This is a book from a scholar in the form of a popular devotional. There’s depth beneath the easy-reading style. If you’re reading for information, you’ll probably be dissapointed. There are other books for information. If you want to seriously consider how we as Christians should be living, this will search the heart.

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