Getting Things Done | David Allen

I’m not big on business books self-help books.  Business books often leave me numbed by repetitive illustrations that make the same brilliant point too many times. Self-help books, on the other hand, often seem aimed at losers.

Now that that disclaimer’s out of the way, let me say this: Getting Things Done is revolutionizing my organizational skills. Having recently taken on the Senior Pastorate of a church, I quickly realized my need for a more comprehensive organization system. Allen had the answer that worked for me.

As Allen himself emphasizes, his method is largely common sense that is frequently ignored. The idea is this: if you collect everything in life, process it regularly, and act on it, then you will have far less stress and be able to work creatively. Gone is that nagging voice in my mind that always suggests I look after something else instead of what I’m currently doing.

If you could use some personal organizational skills, give this book a try.  It could save your sanity!

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