Most of us own more bibles than we read.  Sitting at my desk at church, I can count 19 copies lined up in a row above my monitor.  As strange as it may sound, I still find it hard to justify purchasing yet another edition (even with the allure of flashier side bars and even more maps).  Still, with Richard Foster being a major influence in my own spiritual life, I decided to buy the new Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible.

Since I didn’t want this Bible to become another dust collector (maps and all), I decided to pick the section of the bible  I knew the least about and read it slowly and prayerfully.  Who knows what I’ve been missing?  Ezekiel, here I come.

This blog contains my thoughts and prayers as I read through the text of Ezekiel.  This is not a formal bible study—just meditations that arose from encountering the text.  I hope these comments raise more questions than answers.

Why don’t you ready through Ezekiel with me?  Each entry title will list the biblical reference.  Read the bible for yourself first—slowly and prayerfully.  Then read these comments and add your own.

Ezekiel 1:1-3 | Priest to Prophet >

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